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  • Rocky Ridge Natural Area

    Rocky Ridge Natural Area

    Large rocks line the trail in the Rock Ridge Natural Area. The trail passes through rock towers in the Three Sisters Area and you'll pass near Hunter's Rock, a local favorite spot for bouldering and introduction into rock climbing.
  • The Wall

    The Wall

    This rock formation, aptly named "The Wall" can be found on the trail. Atop Stone Mountain, this interesting rock formation, along with other nearby, help distract the hiker from the constant rocks that you must hike across.
  • Rock Field

    Rock Field

    They don't call it Stone Mountain for nothing. The Standing Stone Trail keeps to the top of Stone Mountain for a long distance towards the northern trailhead, where you'll pass through many of these rock fields.
  • Stone Valley Vista

    Stone Valley Vista

    Near the northern trailhead by Greenwood Furnace State Park, the hiker is treated to this nice view. This vista is also accessible as a dayhike by using the Standing Stone Trail and Turkey Trail for return to the trailhead.
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Standing Stone Trail

The Standing Stone Trail (SST) follows scenic ridgelines in Huntingdon, Mifflin, and Fulton counties: the south middle region of Pennsylvania's Tiltrock Country. Formerly known as "Link Trail" named for connecting Mid State Trail with Tuscarora Trail, Standing Stone Trail is a destination in its own right, offering Pennsylvania hikers and backpackers a link to dramatic scenery, wild plant and animal life, and compelling history.

The orange-blazed Standing Stone Trail is a 72-mile long main trail network with side trails. The northern terminus of the trail is at Greenwood Furnace State Park near McAlevys Fort, Pennsylvania. The southern end is a junction with Tuscarora Trail in Buchanan State Forest near Cowans Gap State Park. The SST uses both public (state park, state forest, state game land) and private lands.

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Comment on this Trail

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The northern terminus of the Standing Stone Trail is located in Greenwood Furnace State Park. A short distance from the park, the trail comes across the Stone Valley Vista. A loop hike can be made to see this vista and then return to the park via the Turkey Trail. Until this year, the trek on the Turkey Trail, up or down, was not enjoyable as it was a steep ascent or descent, straight up the side of the mountain. However, that all changed this year with a new reroute of the Turkey Trail that made it much more easy and enjoyable to hike.

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Our fall backpacking trip had us hiking close to home on the Standing Stone Trail. Starting at the intersection of the Standing Stone Trail and route PA655 just south west of Allensville, we hiked north east to the terminus of the trail at Greenwood Furnace State Park. Taking two days to complete this backpacking trip, I can sum the trip up like this: the first day provided us with a great trail for backpacking and the campsite was awesome, however the second day introduced us to a trail that made the most stalwart hiker give second thought to seeing this hike to completion.

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The Standing Stone Trail reaches from Cowans Gap State Park to Greenwood Furnace State Park. Along the way, one of the unique areas that it passes through is the Rocky Ridge Natural Area. This section is located a little distance south of the northern terminus. What makes this area unique are the rock formations found here. Large pillars of rock stand tall on the ridge top as the Standing Stone Trail meanders amongst them. This is a favorite place for rock climbing and for bouldering and it was a great place to go for an after work hike.

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In January of 2008 I climbed to the top of Stone Mountain to take in the view from the Stone Valley Vista. During this hike I thought to myself how nice this view would be during the spring or summer seasons. Fast forward to 2010, just a little past summer time, when an afterwork hike took us to the top of Stone Mountain. The view was just a spectacular as it was in January of 2008 and the Standing Stone Trail was a treat for all of us hiking on this afterwork hike.

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The Standing Stone Trail, formerly known as the Link Trail, extends from Greenwood Furnace State Park in Huntingdon County to Cowans Gap State Park in Fulton County. The trail travels across the tops of Stone and Jacks Mountain, through State Parks, Forests, and Game lands, connecting the Tuscarora Trail to the Mid State Trail. The section of the Standing Stone Trail that we hiked on this day is located in Jacks Narrows, between the towns of Mount Union and Mapleton Depot. It is called the Thousand Steps because of the thousand plus stone steps placed into the mountainside.

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The northern trailhead for the Standing Stone Trail is located at Greenwood Furnace State Park within Rothrock State Forest. I had hiked many trails in Rothrock north of Greenwood but never ventured onto the trails found south of the State Park. For the past three years it had been suggested to me that I should hike the Standing Stone Trail. When the temperatures reached into the mid sixties in the middle of January I decided I would finally check out the Standing Stone Trail at it's northern terminus in Greenwood Furnace State Park.