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Pinchot Trail

The Pinchot Trail is a 23 mile circuit trail in the Lackawanna State Forest. The trail offers a little bit of everything that a hiker would want from a trail. A scenic overlook, sheltered paths, a gurgling creek, and a bog area which contain some plants not common to Pennsylvania. Backpackers and hikers will find this trail on the Pocono Plateau challenging, exciting and beautiful.

This trail is marked with orange blazes. Although it is possible to hike the entire trail in one day, most prefer to take two or more days. They either camp overnight along the trail or use one of the connector trails to make short one-day hikes. Looking for shorter hikes, you can divide the trail into two loops and hike either the north loop or the south loop on seperate days.

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The Pinchot Trail, named after Gifford Pinchot, the first chief in charge of the United States Forest Service as well as a two term governor of Pennsylvania, is located in Lackawanna State Forest on the Pocono plateau in north-eastern Pennsylvania. I was looking to do a hike outside of Central Pennsylvania, and along with the minimal elevation changes also made this a great trail for Shari to do her first over-night hike of the season. We decided we would have a long, hiking Memorial Day weekend, hiking the south loop of the Pinchot Trail as well as stopping over at Ricketts Glen State Park to hike the Falls Trail there as well.