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Mid State Trail - Tioga Region

The Tioga Region covers the section of the Mid State Trail from the town of Blackwell, PA to the New York state border. This region passes through the Tioga State Forests and Hills Creek State Park. Making its way over the hilly terrain of the Allegheny Plateau, you'll find pleasant natural and cultural discoveries in the northern most region of the MST.

Mid State Trail Map & Guide Set
by Mid State Trail Association

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The Pennsylvania Mid State Trail is longest and wildest footpath in the state. The newest section of this 265 mile trail was recently added over the past two years, which extended the trail from Blackwell, PA to its current terminus along route PA287. Nine miles of this newest stretch of the Mid State Trail was scouted by Jeff Mitchell, author of two hiking books, Hiking the Endless Mountains: Exploring the Wilderness of Northeast Pennsylvania and Backpacking Pennsylvania: 37 Great Hikes. When Jeff extended an offer to lead a hike on this section of the trail, I was happy to except. On the weekend of August 5th and 6th, four hikers, myself included, met with Jeff and had an opportunity to experience this latest addition to the Mid State Trail.