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Mid State Trail - Everett Region

The Everett Region covers the section of the Mid State Trail from the Maryland border to the crossing of route US22 near the town of Alexandria, PA. In this region, the MST passes through the Buchanan State Forest. Continuing northward, the MST passes through the trail town of Everett before climbing to the top of Tussey Mountain. After following the ridgeline for many miles, the trail descends to the town of Williamsburg where it follows the rails-to-trails of the Lower Trail, ending at route US22.

Mid State Trail Map & Guide Set
by Mid State Trail Association

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Wanting to venture a little further from home, in Central Pennsylvania, I decided to hike a short section of the Mid State Trail in the Everett Region. I was looking for some photos to take on the Mid State in this area, and it was recommended that I hike a section of the trail that looks down upon Friends Cove, a peacefully little valley that extends southwest from Everett.