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  • Sonnes Pond

    Sonnes Pond

    Located between the eastern trailhead and the World's End State Park is this beautiful pond. Sonnes Pond, located just off the Loyalsock Trail, has a number of camping sites located not too far from it.
  • The Haystacks

    The Haystacks

    Situated in the middle of Loyalsock Creek are these odd shaped rock formations. Called "The Haystacks" as the shape and color resembles a stack of hay, these rocks unique make-up allowed them to be eroded into their current shape by the creek.
  • Dutchman Falls

    Dutchman Falls

    Near route US220 at the eastern trailhead of the Loyalsock Trail, Dutchman Run flows into the Loyalsock Creek. Less than a hundred feet from the confluence, these impressive falls can be accessed by making a short detour from the main trail.
  • World's End Vista

    World's End Vista

    Located within the Loyalsock Creek valley is the World's End State Park. The Loyalsock Trail passes through the state park and this view is afforded to those that make the descent to the park.
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Loyalsock Trail

Being over 60 miles in length, the Loyalsock Trail is marked with high-quality 2-by-6-inch yellow rectangles with 1-inch horizontal red stripes. Originally the trail was marked by tin can lids painted red with a yellow “LT,” and many of these are still present. Side trails are marked with yellow can lids bearing a red X.


Guide to the Loyalsock Trail
by Alpine Club of Williamsport

The name Loyalsock is derived from the Native American name Lawi-Saquick, meaning “Middle Creek,” because the creek now known by that name is situated between Muncy Creek and Lycoming Creek. The scenic and challenging Loyalsock Trail runs roughly parallel to its namesake creek. The Loyalsock Trail frequently climbs up and down ridges and mountaintops, passing many waterfalls, lakes, ponds, and historic places. The trail is known for its many fine vistas.

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Comment on this Trail

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The summer of 2012 was the year of waterfalls. I had a fascination with waterfalls and was interested in viewing the many falls we had in Pennsylvania. I was surprised to find a waterfall at the start of the Loyalsock Trail, the Dutchman's Falls. We had hiked this section of the trail a few years ago and apparently hiked right past it without knowing it was there. Back to the Loyalsock Trail I went, to view the falls, and to do a short circuit hike down to the Haystacks and back.

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It was time to schedule our annual fall backpacking trip, and the Loyalsock Trail immediately came to mind. I had been told by many fellow hikers that this trail ranks up there with the Black Forest Trail as far as great Pennsylvania hiking trails go. We had originally given some thought to doing a hike on this trail in the spring, but that trip was cancelled. So when the planning for our fall backpacking trip came up, I immediately suggested doing an overnight hike on the Loyalsock Trail.