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  • Signs on the Baker Trail

    Signs on the Baker Trail

    Direction signs mark the way on the Baker Trail. Stretching from north of Pittsburgh to the Allegheny National Forest, the yellow-blazed Baker Trail traverses through woods and farmlands.
  • Snowy Suspended Bridge

    Snowy Suspended Bridge

    This suspended bridge crosses Cherry Creek as the Baker Trail makes it way towards Crooked Creek Lake Park.
  • Cathedral Forest

    Cathedral Forest

    Towards its northern end, the Baker Trail passes through Cook Forest State Park. An old-growth forest, called the Cathedral Forest, is located here.
  • Summer Views

    Summer Views

    Baker Trail is relatively flat and does not offer many vistas. When you come across one of these views on the hike they are all that more special.
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Baker Trail

The Baker Trail was established in 1950 and named for the late Pittsburgh attorney, Horace Forbes Baker. The Baker Trail is a 132-mile hiking and backpacking trail that passes through Armstrong, Indiana, Jefferson, Clarion and Forest counties. The trail follows forest paths, old jeep trails and dirt roads through woods, farmlands, along rivers and creeks. The northern section of the Baker Trail merges with the North Country Trail. It is one of the 18 state-designated hiking trails. Currently, there are nine campsites with open front "Adirondack" shelters located on side trails. Besides the shelters, there are primitive campsites along the trail where tents can be used.

  • Comment on This Trail

Comment on this Trail

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The Baker Trail merges with the North Country Scenic Trail just south of Cook Forest State Park, on the banks of the Clarion River. The trails then meander through Cook Forest State Park and pass through the Forest Cathedral: a stand of ancient White Pines and Hemlocks. This outing had us hiking a section of the Baker Trail as it traversed through the Forest Cathedral. We also used some of the other many trails in the State Park to make a pleasant morning circuit hike.

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June 2nd, 2012 was National Trails Day. An opportunity to raise awareness of hiking and hiking trails and a chance to get out and hike. This year I wanted to take Shari out to the Baker Trail and show her this trail that was near to where she grew up. I had did a hike here earlier in the year, near Crooked Creek Lake Park, and I decided that Shari and I would continue hiking the trail where I left off. The hike started off well and looked promising with some nice views over the Crooked Creek Lake but we were soon disappointed with what we found. The Baker Trail, at least the section that we decided to hike, was not the ideal trail to be exploring on National Trails Day.

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The Baker Trail extends from its southern terminus near Freeport on the Allegheny River to the northern terminus just outside the Allegheny National Forest. It is a hiking trail in places and in other places it follows dirt roads as it meanders through woods and fields. This was my first hike on the Baker Trail and I decided to hike a section of the trail as it followed Cherry Run through the woods within Crooked Creek Lake Park in Armstrong County. On what turned out to be a very nice and relatively warm late February Sunday, I headed off to find Crooked Creek Lake Park and discover the Baker Trail.