Lingle Valley Trail - Rothrock State Forest

  • Hiking the Trails Around Buck and Brush Ridge

    On a recent flight back from Chicago, as my US Airways twin prop airplane was making it's final descent into State College, I glanced out my window to see the mountains of Rothrock State Forest below. I will often look down on these mountains as I fly into and out of State College, recognizing the different ridge lines and streams and recalling the hikes that I've done along both. On this occasion I saw a small body of water that I hadn't noticed before. It was a small pond located at the very top of a ridge. I thought that it would be nice to see if I could hike back to that pond, and that's what I set out to do this past weekend.

  • KTA 2010 Fall Meeting Hike in Rothrock State Forest

    The Fall 2010 Keystone Trails Association meeting was held in Milroy this year. Hikes for this meeting were to be held on the surrounding trails in Rothrock and Bald Eagle State Forests. Since I hiked many of the trails in the region, I offered to lead a hike in Rothrock. The hike that I lead followed the many mountain bike trails around the Buck and Brush Ridge area.

  • Revisiting Buck and Brush Ridge

    A number of years ago I had hiked these trails, back when the trails weren't well maintained. I was notified that the trails were now maintained and easy to follow, but I hadn't had a chance to head out and check out the new trails. With plans of leading a hike on these trails in the fall, I decided to do an after work hike and see if the trails were indeed cleared and maintained enough to lead a fall hike here.