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Hiking in Scotland, or walking as the locals prefer to call it, offers many challenges. Be it the lowlands or the highlands, there are many opportunities to put on your hiking boots and go take a hike.

The highest hill in Scotland is over 4400 feet tall. It is called Ben Nevis, or simply The Ben, and is the tallest mountain on all of the British Isles and attracts over 100,000 hikers every year. But you don't have to tackle the tallest mountain if you want to hike in Scotland, there are plenty of other less crowded challenges available.

One of the favorite "hiking/walking" past times in Scotland is climbing the Munros. The Munros are the highest of Scotland's mountains, 283 mountains in all, named after the man who first cataloged them, Sir Hugh Munro. Hikers in Scotland attempt to bag all 283 of them. Some see it as a challenge, attempting to conquer them in the shortest period of time. For others it is a leisurely past time and excellent way to enjoy the highlands of Scotland.

Hikes in the Highlands of Scotland

An Attempt at Meall nan Tarmachan

Just north of the Scottish town of Killin, on the northern shores of Loch Tay, is a group of "hills" known as the Tarmachan Ridge. On this ridge there is only one Munro, Meall nan Tarmachan, however there are a number of peaks just around 3000 feet in elevation. After a long drive from Manchester the night before, along with an early rise and another hour plus in the hour out of Glasgow, this group of hills was the focus of my first day of hiking in Highlands of Scotland.

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Visiting Ben Narnain and The Cobbler

Located near the small village of Succoth is the Munro Ben Narnain. Beside Ben Narnain is the more imposing hill called simply "The Cobbler". It was these two hills that we visited on my last day in Scotland. Starting our hike along Loch Long we climbed to the chilly, wind swept saddle between these two hills and contemplated an ascent up the icy hill sides.

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