The second hike for the Restek Ramblers in 2015 had us visiting Shingletown Gap for the first time. We had a long, hard winter, but it seemed that the ice and snow had receded from Shingletown, giving us a clear, but sometimes muddy, trail to hike.

This hike was a short hiking: only a little over 2 miles in length. We started at the parking area near the reservoir and headed into the gap proper. Soon we beared right and crossed Roaring Run on fallen tree. We followed the banks of Roaring Run for a short distance before turning right to begin an ascent along Cruiser Run. This blue-blazed trail is called the Deer Path and can be followed the entire way to the top of Tussey Mountain high above.

Once the climb leveled out we turned left onto the Charcoal Flats Trail. Here the hiking was easier on a relatively flat terrain. We paused a few times hiking on this trail. We stopped to listen to a Barred Owl hooting in the distance. We also stopped at a few of the trails namesakes, the charcoal flats, and discussed how these areas came about and the purpose they served back in the late 1800s.

About half way through our hike we turned left off the Charcoal Flats Trail and descended into the valley below. Once at the bottom of our descent we crossed Roaring Run. Located here are the remains of an old cabin or utility building. After a few pictures we were soon back on the trail, following the northern banks of Roaring Run as it flowed down towards the gap.

Our hike was a little over 2 miles in length and took us less than an hour to complete. This short hike is a great after work hike. The initial climb gets the heart pumping, but not so much as to leave you too winded for the rest of the hike. The easy hike out the Charcoal Flats Trail and the leisurely return hike on the Shingletown Trail makes this hike a pleasure to do. The Restek Ramblers will be venturing out into the Shingletown Gap area a few more times this year as the trails here provide ample opportunity to create a hike of varying lengths and difficulties.

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