The Restek Ramblers are a group of fellow coworkers with an interest in hiking. Every week an after work hike is scheduled. This was the Restek Ramblers' first after work hike.

For our first hike we decided to hike in the Shingletown Gap area. There were eighteen of us that ventured out on this hike. There are 12 hikes scheduled over the course of twelve weeks, with each hike getting progressively more difficult. Difficulty will increase by hiking longer distances, climbing hills, or a combination of both. This first hike was a short hike of just a little over two miles but it did include a small ascent early on in the hike that got the blood flowing.

We started the hike by crossing on the log bridge over Roaring Run near the trailhead. Everyone managed the log crossing without incident and once all were across, we continued on the trail, following the banks of Roaring Run before turning right to climb along the south bank of Cruiser Run. This was our only climb of the hike and it was a bit steep, causing all of us to become winded.

Once we completed the climb, we crossed the headwaters of Cruiser Run and awaited for the group to catch up before continuing. From here we turned left off Deer Path onto the white and red striped blazed Charcoal Flats Trail. The Charcoal Flats Trail traverses upon the shelf located just above the valley floor. We hiked out this trail, crossing Downer Trail as we continued west. We paused a few times to keep the group as close together as possible.

At just a little over a mile into the hike, we turned left off the trail and headed down towards Roaring Run. Once back in the valley we crossed the stream near an old ruin. This is the remnants of an old cabin or shack, with a rock wall foundation and part of a chimney still standing. Some in our group took the opportunity to have their picture taken here before we continued on.

We turned left after crossing the stream and headed back down the valley, following the northern bank of Roaring Run. The stream was running quite full as a result of recent snow melt. There were some places along the trail that were quite muddy and even places where ice was still on the trail. After about 1 hour and 15 minutes of hiking we found ourselves back at the parking area at the trailhead.

Everyone seemed to enjoy the first outing of the Restek Ramblers. The weather was beautiful with plenty of sun and temperatures in the low sixties. I believe most will try to make it out for next weeks hike as we head up to Bear Meadows to hike on the Bear Meadows Trail. I would say that the first hike was a smashing success.

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