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Why PAHikes.com?

In looking for information on hikes in and around Central Pennsylvania, I found that most web sites that had information about hiking did not provide me with enough details. Most Pennsylvania hiking web sites told me to refer to a book on hiking if I wanted details on the hike. All I wanted was a map and directions on how to get to the trail.

Thus the birth of PAHikes.com. On this web site you will find detailed maps for the hikes I have done as well as hiking information such as length, elevation traversed, hiking times, as well as direction and coordinates to the trailhead. And of course, pictures and trail commentaries. If you've hiked any of the trails listed on this site you can post your review of the trail and let others know if you enjoyed the trail or found it too difficult.

I hope you find PAHikes.com a useful and beneficial website.

Happy Hiking!